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Poetry for Kids

Poetry for Kids
Funny, original poems by Ken Nesbitt. Some poems are illustrated.
Giggle Poetry
Do you like to laugh? Then check out these funny poems - You can read school poems, try out poetry theater, or enter your poems in a contest.
Word Dance
"Creative writing magazine and Web site for and by kids. Read samples of stories and poetry, play games, and submit your own work."
English Online Writer's Window
Writers, from age five to seventeen, are encouraged "to share their work and help each other improve their writing. Published works are categorized by age range and genre, and reader feedback is solicited about each piece. Categories include short stories, poetry, research papers, book reviews, television reviews and movie reviews. There are also five continuous stories that you can add to."
Edward Lear's Nonsense Works
Do you think poetry written long ago is boring? Then check out these poems with pictures - They'll crack you up!
Poetry Links for Kids from the Internet Public Library