2 Stop Smoking Side Effects – What You Should be Ready to Deal With

ID-100198286Stop Smoking Side Effects can be a challenging factor. You need to be aware of some of these effects before hand so you don’t have to give in and go back to that habit. Yes, without a strong willpower and decisive commitment you may not be able to get over that smoking addiction especially with the symptoms you may experience just a few days after quitting. Anyhow, make sure you check some GreenSmoke coupons.

Here are some stop smoking side effects you should be ready to deal with so as to sustain your desire to stop smoking for good.

Withdrawal symptoms – the first few weeks of smoking can lead to certain symptoms that would be discomforting and challenging to the body of the quitter. Dizziness, headaches, Insomnia, cough, irritability, chest discomfort, Hunger, lack of concentration, craving for tobacco, fatigue, restlessness, depression, anxiety, impatience etc are the common side effects that may affect the person quitting smoking the first few days.

Weight gain – This is another common side effect of quitting smoking. During the period of smoking, the smoker is likely to lose weight because of some reasons which may include: lack of appetite for food, burning of more calories than non-smokers as nicotine can spike up the body’s metabolism, etc.

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